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The active AMOPS dues of $150 is the lowest dues rate of any osteopathic divisional society. Tell your friends to join now. Click Here for an application form.

Student members dues cover the four years that you are a student or can be paid year by year.

Membership has its benefits:

  • A quarterly Newsletter
  • Annual CME Conference
  • No conference fee for students, reduced fee for members
  • Representation in the AOA House of Delegates
  • Liaison with Surgeon Generals of each service
  • Recognition as a Divisional Society Member in the AOA directory
  • Internal and External public relations activities

Joining AMOPS lets your voice be heard.


Got Postdoctoral Training Questions?
Look here for answers!

Contact COL Stephen C. Phillips! COL Phillips, MC USA sits on the Council for Post-Doctoral Training for AMOPS. In this position he reviews all military (all branches) DO applications for approval of internship and recommends approval or denial to the Executive Committee of the Council for Post-Doctoral Training. COL Phillips is available for GME questions, information pertinent to the internship approval process and other concerns that students have regarding military medicine.


AMOPS Membership Works For You

Here are just a few examples of AMOPS in action, working for you:At national level, AMOPS is well represented on AOA committees, councils and bureaus, including permanent slots on two councils that most directly impact on Uniformed Services physicians. They are the Councils on Postdoctoral Education and Continuing Medical Education. At present, military DOs serve on three additional committees subject to appointment each year.

Representation on these key AOA organizational bodies has provided an opportunity to shape new policies and amend old ones to meet the unique and specific needs of Uniformed Services physicians, not solely for the benefit of AMOPS members, but for all DOs in ALL Uniformed Services.

AMOPS was instrumental in securing a 15 percent reduction in AOA dues for military physicians and a 50 percent reduction for those serving overseas. A waiver of CME requirements for DOs stationed at remote bases was also accomplished.

When state licensing boards, specialty colleges and the AOA seek information on present or former service physicians, AMOPS is the first point of contact. Why? Because AMOPS is the official divisional society representing Uniformed Services physicians:

AMOPS seeks growth not to become the largest divisional society of the AOA, but to better serve ALL those currently in the Uniformed Services and ALL those who will follow.

Your association is dedicated to that task. It is the premise on which AMOPS was founded. It is why AMOPS exists.