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April 21-24, 2016 in Philadelphia, PA

National Student Conference

April 21-24, 2016 in Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

We are privileged to invite you to the Annual Meeting of the Association of Osteopathic Military Physicians & Surgeons (AMOPS) in Philadelphia April 21-24, 2016. This is the premier educational event for the military medical professional and offers both basic and advanced sessions for military physicians in any stage of their career.

What is it about Philadelphia that inspires revolutionary thinking? Chosen as the city where great orators, thinkers, planners and leaders once gathered to declare independence, today Philadelphia remains an ideal meeting destination.

Please plan to join your colleagues, your peers, your mentors and your friends in April for another fabulous Annual Meeting. Bring your family along to enjoy Philadelphia’s historic attractions and culinary delights. Plan to come early or stay late and carve out time to break away.

Medical Education

National Student Conference

* RED Highlights Dedicated Student Lectures

COURSE AGENDA (Subject to Change)

Thursday, April 21, 2016
630-800 Registration and Exhibit Hours and Breakfast
800 Opening Remarks by LtCol Patricio Bruno
815-900 Medicine & the American Revolution by COL David Towle
900-945 Major Andrew Taylor Still by CAPT Wayne Z. McBride
945-1015 Exhibit Hours
1015-1100 WW I & II: War Medicine
1100-1230  DVBIC Military TBI Session

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury (DVBIC) Overview
MHS TBI Pathway of Care
TBI 101

1230 Lunch On Your Own

1330-1500 DVBIC Military TBI Session

Progressive Return to Activity Clinical Recommendation
Headache Clinical Recommendation
Sleep Clinical Recommendation

1500 Program Adjourns for the Day
1600-1800 AMOPS Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, April 22, 2016
600-700 Exhibit Hours and Breakfast
700-745 History of Navy Medicine by LCDR Christina La Croix
745-830 TBA
830-915 Combat Stress and PTSD by LCDR Christina La Croix
915-945 Exhibit Hours
945-1030 History of Operational Military Aerospace Medicine and Contemporary Considerations for What We Do In Peace and War by Todd Fredericks, DO
1030-1115 Human Performance in High Reliability Organizations: How Aerospace Medicine Practice and Culture Translates Into Improved Hospital and Clinic Patient Safety/Outcomes by Kris M. Belland, DO, MBA, MPH, MSS, CPE, FAsMA
1115-1200 What Can Healthcare Providers Learn from Aviators and Nuclear Engineers? High Reliability Healthcare in the Military Health System by Elizabeth Oswald, PhD
1200-130 Sponsored Lunch
1330-1415 Finding Success as a Physician in the Military by LtGen Ronald Blanck (First DO Surgeon General of the Army)
1415-1500 SAMOPS House of Delegates

1500-1700 Poster Competition and Scientific Seminar
1700 Program Adjourns for the Day
1700-1900 Member Social Activity

Saturday, April 23, 2016
700-830 AMOPS Membership Breakfast Meeting
830-835 Welcome by 2LT Brant Adams
835-915 Opening Remarks by ENS C. Woodworth Parker
915-930 Exhibit Hours
930-1030 Flag Officer Address
1030-1115 The Future of GME by Tyler Cymet, DO
1115- 1200 Landing Your Dream Residency Panel Discussion Led by 2LT Marian August
1200-1315 Branch Networking Luncheon

1315-1330 Exhibit Hours
1330-1730 Workshop Sessions (Please Choose One at Time of Registration)
Battlefield Acupuncture
PCOM Simulation Laboratory

1730 Program Adjourns for the Day

1830-2100 AMOPS Presidential Banquet, Conclave of Eagles, Student Awards and Installation of New Officers

Sunday, April 24, 2016
600-700 Exhibit Hours and Breakfast
700-745 Introduction to Military Culture by 2LT Mike Wojdan and 2LT Marian August
745-830 Active Duty Rotations by ENS C. Woodworth Parker
830-915 Transitioning from Medical Student to Resident by CPT Joseph Scholz

915-930 Exhibit Hours
930-1030 SAMOPS Best Practices Led by 2LT Matthew Nemergut
1030-1115 Military Medical Career Development by Steve Davis, DO
1115-1200 Conclusions and Q&A Moderated by Clinton E. Adams, DO
1200 Closing Remarks by New SAMOPS President

1215 Program Concludes

Poster Presentations & Scientific Seminar

Friday, April 22, 2016
at the AMOPS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia

• This competition is open to all current Osteopathic Medical Students, Interns and Residents
• Attending Physician and faculty co-authorship is encouraged.
• Multiple students, interns, and/or residents may collaborate on a single poster.

• Submit completed Poster Submission Form to Stephanie Wilson at by January 15, 2016.
• Include an abstract (400 word limit) for your Poster.
• Accepted Posters will be announced via email.
Note: Submissions that promote commercial interests or that feature proprietary materials will not be approved.

• Maximum Size: 48” x 48” (4’ x 4’)
• Be concise with written material and save elaborate points for discussions and interactions with viewers.
• Use graphics and colors to make your poster visually interesting and to highlight key portions.
• Include graphs, charts and/or tables to display results.
• Be available on April 22th to answer questions and discuss content. [Required]

• Yes! Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Posters.
1st Place: $300
2nd Place: $200
3rd Place: $100


Student Scholarships

SAMOPS members are invited to apply for Student Scholarship in conjunction with the 33st AMOPS Annual Meeting and National Student Conference to be held April 21-24, 2016 at PCOM in Philadelphia, PA.

AMOPS will select two (2) medical student members and provide a $500.00 scholarship to those two (2) and a $250.00 scholarship to two (2) students. This scholarship should be used for assistance in funding the travel and accommodation expenses at the Annual Meeting 2016. The scholarship is designed to reward our exemplary students for diligence and devotion to osteopathic military medicine.

The scholarship is open to all students across all branches. A complete application consists of the following:
• An essay of 500 or less words about interest in military osteopathic medicine and the desire to attend the 33st AMOPS Annual Meeting
• Completed application form as provided below (Please attach another page if necessary)
• A letter of recommendation from medical school stating student is in good standing
• A letter of recommendation from another source as selected by applicant

Please send the application in its entirety to Stephanie Wilson via email or US Mail on or before February 1. Recipients will be selected by a committee and announced during the first week of March in order to facilitate travel planning in a timely manner.

Stephanie Wilson, AMOPS Executive Director
US Mail: 210 Lantwyn Lane, Narberth PA 19072
Phone: (610) 664-4466

Workshop Description

Battlefield Acupuncutre

Richard C. Niemtzow, MD, PhD. MPH
Colonel (ret), USAF, MC, FS

Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA) is a unique auricular acupuncture technique developed in 2001 by then Air Force Colonel Richard C. Niemtzow, MD, PhD, MPH to rapidly reduce pain in a matter of minutes. 1 The procedure consists of placing tiny sterile (2.5mm) gold plated needles into well-defined and studied auricular acupuncture points: Cingulate Gyrus, Thalamus, Omega 2, Shen Men, and Point Zero. There are usually no side-effects associated with the procedure. BFA may be used as a primary or adjunctive pain reduction modality.

Over 1500 + military and civilian physicians and other healthcare providers have been taught BFA nationally and internationally. It is used in private civilian practices, military and Veteran Administration hospitals and war zones. It has been helpful with patients failing pain medication or substituting BFA for narcotics

The technique is characterized by:
Easy to Teach
Sealed Sterilized Needles That May be Carried in a Pocket
Rapid: Seconds to Insert
Designed for Hostile Environments
No Need to Disrobe/Expose Body Parts
Needle Disposal Not Problematic
Results: Rapid 1-3 + Day(s) or More Pain Reduction (conservative)

A course can be accomplished in 3-4 hours with didactic material and patient examples.

The workshop syllabus consists:
1. History of Chinese acupuncture, (f)MRI Evidence of BFA mechanisms, and Clinical Trials
2. Patient Selection and Contra-Indications
3. Needle Technique and Sequencing of Points, Dominant Ear Considerations and a Discussion of Aftercare Patient Instructions
4. Students’ Hands-On: Identifying the Ear Points on Models, Learning to Insert the Needles and Practice on Patients or Each Other
5. Wrap Up

1. Richard C. Niemtzow, Battlefield acupuncture. Medical Acupuncture. December 2007, 19(4): 225-228.

OMT on a Topic TBA

Please check back for more information

Course Director & Faculty

General Information

The Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons has requested that the AOA Council on Continuing Medical Education approve the following CME activities for __ AOA Category 1-A CME credits. Approval is currently pending.

Navy: Khakis
Army: Class B
Air Force: Class B
Presenters May Wear the Uniform of the Day

Navy: Mess Dress
Army: Mess Dress
Air Force: Mess Dress
Students May Wear a Suit and Tie

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
4170 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
(215) 871-6100

Airport Information
Please fly into the Philadelphia International Airport.

Driving Information
76 East: Take exit 339 for City Ave/US-1 S, turn right onto City Ave/US-1 S. Use left two lanes to turn left onto Monument Rd. Turn right onto Stout Rd. The entrance to PCOM and its garage will be on your right.

76 West: Take exit 339 for City Ave/US-1 S on your left. Be careful, this is a tight turn. Stay in the left lane, but turn right onto City Ave/US-1 S. Use left two lanes to turn left onto Monument Rd. Turn right onto Stout Rd. The entrance to PCOM and its garage will be on your right.

Hilton Hotel, 4200 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131