Auxiliary to AOA changes name to "Advocates"

If a theme song had been chosen for this year’s annual meeting of the Auxiliary to the American Osteopathic Association (AAOA) in San Francisco, it would have been, "The Times They Are A-Changin", by Bob Dylan.

Not only did members vote to change the AAOA's name to the "Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association", but they also voted to expand their membership to include any person sharing common or compatible interests with the AAOA.  Membership had previously been granted only to immediate family members of DOs and osteopathic medical students who belong to the AOA.

"It's the right time for the name change—the world has changed", said AAOA President Shelley Wieting, RN.  “There are so many more female DOs today, and their husbands have associated the word "auxiliary" with tea parties and fashion shows."  Wieting also notes that the AAOA’s open membership will enable more people to become advocates for the osteopathic medical profession and its goals.

The AAOA welcomes all AMOPS spouses or significant others as well as any person sharing compatible interests with AMOPS or the AAOA.  Membership dues are as follows:
Student          $ 5
Widow           $10
Post-doctoral $10
First Year      $12.50
Second Year  $25
Associate       $25
Third Year     $37.50
Regular         $50.00
Dues may be mailed to: Bridget Price, Executive Director/ AAOA/142 East OntarioStreet/Chicago, Illinois 60611.